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Tooth whitening

Winter Offer – Tooth Whitening

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A tooth whitening procedure is, without a doubt, one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures available. It is fast acting, effective and very affordable too.

Home whitening

The home whitening kits are custom made for you which ensures that the whitening gel does not leak out onto your gums. To do this, we take impressions of your mouth which are used to manufacture the whitening trays which will fit comfortably and securely over your teeth. Full instructions will be given during your consultation, but usually the trays will be worn for a few hours a day over two to three weeks, depending on the level of whitening you desire.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Does the procedure hurt?

No, although a few patients do notice some heightened sensitivity following the procedure. This is usually only temporary and should only last for a few days.

Is the whitening permanent?

Even if you avoid teeth staining food and drinks, it is actually the inner part of your teeth which darkens over time, and especially as we get older. No amount of cleaning will prevent this and, although the results of a tooth whitening procedure can still be seen many months later, eventually the teeth will start to slowly darken.

Is it safe to repeat the procedure?

Absolutely! There are no problems in repeating this procedure and those who have home whitening kits may also use these to ‘top up’ the whiteness periodically. You should consult our dentist should you wish to do this.

Is it expensive?

Tooth whitening is one of the most affordable cosmetic procedures and is widely available. However, please be aware that only registered dentists, or hygienists directly under dental supervision, can legally perform whitening.

If you are unhappy with your discoloured or yellowing teeth, please call the team at Chalkwell Dental on 01702 475065 to arrange a consultation to discuss your options.