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Root canal treatment

Root canal therapy is necessary when the nerves in the roots of a tooth have become infected. This is caused by bacteria entering the roots of the tooth.

By using root canal therapy, the team here at Chalkwell Dental can restore the tooth rather than having to extract it.

What is root canal therapy?

When the pulp of a tooth becomes infected, the infected material must be removed. First of all, a local anaesthetic is administered to minimise any discomfort. The top of the tooth is then removed to allow the dentist access to the infected root canals, following which the infected pulp is removed and the canals are cleaned, shaped and disinfected to remove any remaining infection.

The canals are filled with a special dental filling called gutta percha. To complete the treatment, a dental crown is fitted to the tooth to restore a natural appearance as well as provide sufficient strength for everyday use.

Root canal treatment FAQs

How long will the restored tooth last?

Once restored, your tooth should be fine for many years of additional use provided that you take care of it appropriately. It is important to remember to brush and clean around it using dental floss or an interdental brush, exactly as you would with the rest of your teeth.

Are there other alternatives?

The only real alternative to root canal treatment is to extract the tooth. Whilst we understand that some people may feel that this is less involved than undergoing root canal treatment, we can assure you that root canal therapy is a highly effective way of saving your tooth.

As with all dental treatments performed at Chalkwell Dental, we will be pleased to discuss any aspect of root canal treatment with you. If you would like to arrange a consultation with one of our dental team here in Leigh-on-Sea, please call us on 01702 475065.