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Cosmetic orthodontics

It is not unusual for teeth to become crooked and uneven and unfortunately few of us are blessed with a naturally perfect smile. In teenagers this is often due to facial changes as they grow and develop, whereas for adults, it is often a legacy of not wearing braces as a teenager, or the movement of adjacent teeth following tooth loss.

Whilst many people associate dental braces with being very visible and unsightly, a new generation of near-invisible adult orthodontics are now available for teenage and adult patients who wish to have their teeth straightened discreetly.

Teeth straightening FAQs

Am I too old for braces?

No, there is no real age limit to using orthodontics to straighten your teeth. In fact, an increasing number of adults have taken the decision to do something about their crooked smiles by investing in treatment using the latest range of braces available here at Chalkwell Dental in Leigh-on-Sea.

How do they work?

All types of braces work by exerting gentle pressure upon the teeth, gradually guiding them into their correct position over a period of time. Essentially there are two types of braces; those which use a series of custom made plastic trays which fit directly over the teeth and those which use traditional wires, brackets and springs, albeit using discreet, tooth-coloured materials.

How long will they take to work?

This depends on the method used and also how misaligned your teeth are. The clear aligner systems can often take a little longer but they can be used for more complex problems, including moving the rear teeth which are more firmly embedded in the jaw. However the “invisible” aligner systems are particularly discreet and can also be removed by the wearer whilst eating meals or when cleaning the teeth.

Other systems, most of which use the wire and brackets approach, focus solely on the more visible ‘social six’ front teeth which are usually easier to correct. This typically means that these types of braces are faster acting, hence names such as “Six Month Smile” and “Quick Straight Teeth”.

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Are they uncomfortable?

Most modern orthodontics are much more comfortable than the old style “train track” versions, but some patients do find it an unusual sensation for a short time after they have been fitted. This is usually only temporary and most patients become accustomed to their new braces quite quickly.

How do I clean my teeth when I have braces?

It is important to take a little extra care when cleaning your teeth whilst wearing braces as food can become trapped, leading to poor oral health and eventually decay or gum problems. We will show you the best ways to overcome this during your consultation.

If you are unhappy with your smile and would like to have straighter teeth, please contact us to arrange a consultation and to discuss your options on 01702 475065. A beautiful straight smile may be just a few short months away!