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Tooth coloured fillings

Traditional amalgam fillings have been in use for many years and are made from a combination of metals, including silver, tin and mercury. Whilst they are very strong, they are also very dark in colour and consequently show up when you laugh or smile.

At our dental practice in Leigh on Sea, we also offer patients the option of cosmetic fillings which are similar in strength to the traditional type, but have a much more natural appearance. In fact they are nearly identical to the natural tooth and hence very pleasing aesthetically.

Tooth coloured fillings FAQs

What are they made of?

tooth coloured fillings

Tooth coloured fillings, or composite fillings as they are sometimes known, are made from a combination of glass particles, resin and a setting agent. Their colour can be customised to match the colour of the natural part of the tooth that is to be filled and it is this which gives them their excellent cosmetic properties.

How strong are they?

Earlier versions of tooth coloured fillings were often deemed to be inferior in strength to amalgam versions. However, recent advances in technology now mean that cosmetic fillings are much stronger and suitable for most applications in the mouth, even the rear teeth which do most of the grinding and chewing of food.

Where cosmetic fillings are considered to be unsuitable, a tooth-coloured inlay or onlay may be used instead.

Are there any other advantages?

Due to the application method and how cosmetic fillings bond to the natural tooth, very often the fillings can be smaller than with amalgam versions.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your old-style fillings and would like to explore the option of tooth coloured fillings instead, why not call Chalkwell Dental at our Leigh-on-Sea dental surgery on 01702 475065.