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Dentures are still one of the most popular ways to replace a missing tooth or teeth, although other options, including bridges and dental implants, are also available. There may be many individual reasons for selecting dentures, but perhaps one of the most common is that no invasive dental procedure is necessary.

Dentures FAQs

How are dentures made?

In order to ensure a secure fit for your dentures, it is first of all necessary to allow the gums to harden following the loss of teeth. Once this is complete, we will take an impression of your gums to ensure that your new dentures are a snug and comfortable fit. These impressions are then sent to a dental laboratory where your dentures will be made.

On their return, the fit will be checked by our dentist and you will be given full advice on how to wear and care for your new dentures.

Do they feel strange?

You may find that, initially, wearing dentures feels a little unnatural. This is a common response, but after a short while you will become more confident and less aware of them in your mouth. Whilst you may wish to avoid certain foods, such as toffees for example, most denture wearers find that they are able to eat a wide selection of foods with few problems.

How do I clean them?

You will be given full instructions about how to care for your dentures in order to get the best from them. It is important to remember that your gums will still need cleaning too, in order to maintain a healthy mouth and avoid gum disease.

What types of dentures are available?


Whether you need a partial denture or a full arch replacement, there are many different types of dentures available here at Chalkwell Dental and we will discuss your options during your consultation with our team.

Standard acrylic dentures are one of the most widely used and offer one of the cheapest options. However, there are is wide range to choose from and you may wish to spend a little more to have the latest flexible dentures that move with your mouth to give a more natural feel.

For extra security and stability, your dentures can also be stabilised using a small number of dental implants which hold them firmly in position and eliminate concerns about loose dentures that may move in the mouth.

To discuss your options, please call Chalkwell Dental on 01702 475065 and our experienced team will be delighted to assist you.