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Crowns, veneers and cosmetic porcelain restorations

Whilst it is sometimes necessary to remove a troublesome tooth where it is beyond repair, this is generally the last resort. It is our aim to preserve teeth as far as possible and to help us do this we use a range of cosmetic restorations.

Below, we take a look at some of the more commonly used restorations here at Chalkwell Dental.



Dental crowns are usually made from ceramic or porcelain, sometimes fused to underlying metal for additional strength. Gold crowns are also available.

A dental crown is used when the remaining structure of the tooth is too weak and a dental filling would be insufficient to restore it to a functional state. In addition to this, a heavily filled visible tooth can be unsightly and a dental crown may offer a more aesthetically pleasing solution.

Dental crowns are produced after the tooth has been prepared and impressions taken. The impressions are used by a laboratory to produce the crown which will be matched as closely as possible to the colour of your natural teeth. A temporary crown will be fitted whilst your custom made crown is being produced.

As well as being used to restore damaged teeth, crowns are also used to complete root canal procedures and as the final element following placement of a dental implant.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are generally used to improve the appearance of a patient’s teeth. In many cases, they are used when teeth are too badly stained to benefit sufficiently from a tooth whitening procedure. They may also be used when teeth have suffered chips and cracks and appear unsightly. Where appropriate, veneers can also be used for minor orthodontic “correction”, especially in the case of a diastema (gap between the front teeth).

The veneers themselves are very fine layers of tooth shaped porcelain which are used to replace the equivalent thickness of enamel which is removed from the surface of the damaged teeth.

cosmetic tooth coloured fillings

Other cosmetic restorations

As well as crowns and veneers, one of the most common cosmetic restorations used at our practice is the tooth coloured or “composite” filling. As an alternative to traditional dark amalgam fillings, we also offer cosmetic versions which blend in with the natural part of the tooth and are not evident when your mouth is open.  

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth and would like to make a noticeable improvement to your smile, please call Chalkwell Dental on 01702 475065 and one of our dental team will be pleased to arrange a consultation where we can discuss your options.